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    The UK’s no. 1 cardiology job site
    We’re the UK’s leading directory of cardiology jobs. We bring together cardiac job vacancies from across the UK, matching up cardiologists with their perfect job.
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    Trusted throughout the cardiology industry
    Cardiac Output is a well known name in the cardiology jobs industry. For more than 20 years we’ve been helping cardiologists to progress their careers and find the latest opportunities. We’re completely independent, too.
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    Instant job alerts
    We’ve made it as easy as possible for cardiologists to find suitable jobs. You can search our online jobs board, or sign up to receive job alerts via email or RSS. There’s no need to worry about missing your next big opportinity!
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    100% free to use
    You can search our cardiology job site and sign up for job alerts free of charge. Unlike most job sites and recruitment agencies, you can find a job and even submit an application without having to create an account.
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    No need to register
    You can find and apply for cardiology jobs without signing up or giving us any information. We won’t hassle you for your email address and we absolutely won’t spam you!


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    Advertise a vacancy from just £100
    It’s quick and easy to advertise a cardiology job. We offer a choice of packages, costing from just £100 per month.
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    Promote a job in minutes
    Simply send us the information for your job vacancy, and we’ll do the rest. Your cardiology job advert will be live in less than 24 hours.
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    Delivered straight to cardiologists’ inboxes
    Your listing won’t just be featured on our job site. It will be sent direct to the inboxes of cardiologists who are actively seeking new opportunities – via both email and RSS.
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    Every ad appears on Facebook and Twitter
    We’ll promote your vacancy far and wide, including on our social networks. We’ll make sure cardiologists can find it, however they choose to follow us.
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    No referral or placement fees
    We’re not a recruitment agency – all you pay is a single one-off fee. There are no referral or placement fees to pay, whether or not you fill the vacancy. We make it easy for cardiologists express an interest in the job. Your contact details and website address will be featured prominently, along with an email enquiry form. They can then follow your usual application process.