Terms and Conditions for our Cardiologist Job Listings

All cardiologist jobs listings and other adverts placed with Cardiac Output are subject to the following terms and conditions.


  • Unless you tell us otherwise, your cardiologist jobs listing will be added to the Cardiac Output website within five working days of your booking being received.
  • We can set your listing to begin at any other date of your choosing – please advise us of the required date when placing your booking.
  • Your listing will be included in the issue of the Cardiac Output email newsletter that is sent during the month in which it is live on the website.
  • Your booking will be removed from the Cardiac Output website one calendar month from the time it is added to the website.

Featured and premium cardiologist job listings

  • Featured and premium listings can be enhanced with the addition of up to five images, such as your logo or photographs of your place of work.
  • Please send any images as soon as possible after you have booked the cardiologist jobs advert.
  • The images should be sufficient quality and in digital format. We are happy to size and optimise them to make them as effective as possible on your listing.
  • The images will be manually added to the website and positioned in an eye-catching and professional-looking way. Please contact us if you would like us to make any changes to the way we have added the images.
  • Although it is acceptable to include some text within an image, the main text describing your cardiologist job should not be part of an image. This is because we will add the text to your listing in a way that can be crawled by search engines.

Banner adverts

  • We will limit the number of boxed banner adverts that are available so that every paid banner will always appear on at least a third of the pages that have a right hand column.

Payment terms

  • Invoices will be sent electronically via email.
  • Payment must be made via BACS within 28 days of the invoice date.
  • 5% late payment fee will automatically be added if an invoice is not paid within 28 days of its due date; and every 28 days thereafter until it is paid.