When reading your job application, the employer isn’t just looking at whether you have the skills and qualifications for the cardiology job you’re applying for. They also want to make sure you would fit into their organisation. Researching the employer before you write your job application is vital. Understanding the employer and what makes them.. read more →

It’s easy to get things wrong when applying for a cardiology job. We’ll show you some common mistakes, give some case studies and show you how to avoid the pitfalls. It’s amazing how many people – cardiologists included – put themselves down when applying for a job. You know you’re good at your current job,.. read more →

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Cardiac Output website today! Cardiac Output is aiming to be the No. 1 cardiology-related job site in the UK. It will provide information about the latest opportunities for those looking for cardiology jobs. It will also provide recruiters and employers with cost-effective and targeted job listings.. read more →

Why are CV’s so difficult for cardiologists to write? Sadly, the process of applying for a cardiologist job can often get in the way of you and your ideal job. Many cardiologists struggle to write an interview-winning CV, even though they have the exact skills the employer is looking for. Your CV is a hugely.. read more →

This article provides a straightforward description of each type of cardiology job, helping you to understand the differences between each one. Cardiologists provide a wide range of services to study, prevent, diagnose and treat heart problems including heart failure, cardiac arrest and coronary artery disease. Cardiology is a specialist area of medicine and there are.. read more →