Sorin Group UK Ltd. announced the first implantation in the UK of KORA 100 system, Sorin’s new MRI compatible pacing system.

KORA 100 SR and DR pacemakers when implanted with the Sorin BEFLEX pacing lead enable implanted patients to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safely. The KORA 100 pacing system has been designed with both patients and physicians in mind. Device settings which allow safe operation during an MRI examination are automatically enabled when KORA 100 pacemakers detect the scanner’s magnetic field. Similarly the devices sense when a patient leaves the MRI field, and return to normal operation within five minutes. The Automatic MRI Mode feature, which is patented and available exclusively on Sorin Group pacemakers, reduces the clinical resources needed to support an MRI and the amount of time that a KORA 100 pacemaker patient is paced in MRI mode.

Dr Tim Edwards, cardiologist at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester, implanted the first KORA 100 in a 52 year old man. Dr Tim Edwards commented:

“The patient was a relatively young man, likely to require several box changes in his lifetime and with a high probability that he will need MRI scans at some point in the future. The Kora 100 system will enable him to undergo MRI scans safely and with minimal fuss. The longevity of the device will reduce the number of box changes and the size of the pacemaker was appreciated by the patient. The implant and lead placement was entirely straightforward and no different to a standard system.”

The KORA 100 pacemakers also automatically screen patients for severe sleep apnea with the recently introduced Sleep Apnea Monitoring (SAM) function. They are the world’s smallest pacemakers with the best in class longevity, extending the boundaries in cardiovascular management.