When reading your job application, the employer isn’t just looking at whether you have the skills and qualifications for the cardiology job you’re applying for. They also want to make sure you would fit into their organisation.

Researching the employer before you write your job application is vital. Understanding the employer and what makes them tick will allow you to write a killer job application that appeals directly to their motivations. If you write a cardiology job application without doing this then you’re effectively working blind. Your application will be less relevant and you’ll struggle to stand out from the crowd.

We show you how to get inside the employer’s head and present yourself as the ideal person for their organisation.

How to research a new employer

If you’re applying for a cardiology job with a new employer then you need to research the employer, try to understand their organisational values and objectives, and write your job application accordingly.

  1. Read the job advert carefully. Read between the lines and take note of any specific values and goals mentioned. Does the advert mention the purpose of the role or how it will fit into the wider organisation?
  2. Network! Do you know any cardiologists who work or have worked for that employer? Have an informal chat with anyone who is familiar with them, and get an insider’s view on what makes them tick.
  3. Visit the organisation’s website and read it carefully. Pay particular attention to the ‘About’ page and see whether they publish their mission statement. Think about their wording and how they present themselves – if the tone is friendly and informal then word your job application accordingly; or if it is clinical and academic then you should use formal language too.
  4. Google the organisation and find out how it is presented more widely on the web. This may yield some useful insights, such as other projects they’re involved in, how they’re presented in the press, and what other people think of them.

Once you have the information you’re looking for, sit down and write your cardiology job application. Present yourself as the person who will help them to achieve their objectives. You can even give examples of how you have helped your current employer to achieve similar goals.

How to apply for a cardiology job with your existing employer

If you’re applying for a job with your existing employer (e.g. a promotion or change of team), it’s still important to write an appliction that appeals to their motivations.

It’s easy to get complacent and think you know everything about the organisation you work for. Applying for a new cardiology job is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge.

  • Reflect on your time with the organisation. What have you learned? How has the organisation changed since you started? What direction is it heading in? Consider how you can use your job application to demonstrate that you’ve contributed to their recent successes and will continue to do so in the new cardiology role.
  • Read the organisation’s mission statement, policies and procedures – try to understand its goals on a more strategic level, from the managers’ perspective. When you’re in the day to day routine of working in a cardiology team, it’s easy to lose track of the organisation’s longer-term goals.

Armed with this knowledge, you can write a job application that proves you’re in tune with the organisation’s strategic goals and wider vision. This is great evidence that you’re ready for a more senior position!

If you understand what the employer is looking for, you can write a cardiology job application that will appeal directly to them. Get inside their head and prove you’re the person they’re looking for.

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